About Me

This is me:

  • Middle aged woman living in Cornwall with lovely husband, beautiful daughter and mad dog. 
  • Work with special needs children - love them dearly - but would really like to earn a living via genealogy.
  • Really, really love researching family history - will do other people's if I am having a lull in my own.
  • Interested in history, particularly Tudor/Elizabethan, Medieval, Victorian and WW1.
  • Have been known to run.
  • My family history interests lie in Bristol, North Devon, South Gloucestershire, Liverpool, Wales and Ireland.
  • Surnames are (chiefly) Brown, Jones, Toal, Fitzgerald, Williams, Jenkins, Warren, Hawkins, Hobbs, Courteney.
  • I have been successful in trace living family members in Canada, Australia and the UK.  Still looking for more!
  • I have another blog - http://www.89ww1heroes.blogspot.com/ on which I am briefly documenting the lives and families of the 89 men listed on the Newquay war memorial (WW1 section). 

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