Thursday, 1 September 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Ancestry UK Freebie

You may well have had the email or seen the adverts, but in case you didn't, Ancestry UK are allowing free access to their immigration records for eight days - 29th August to 5th September.  This means that you will get the benefit of Worldwide Membership for that time.  Check out Ancestry for yourself - I've even managed to put in a posh search box!

 300x250: Free Immigration Records

Can I also recommend Ancestry's occupation records.  The recently released Railworker Records have proved a treasure trove for me, providing one great-great grandfather's date of birth, date of retirement, and his promotion records.  His son didn't fair so well - he was sacked for absence without permission, which I notice ties in with the date of his son's birth - clearly he decided to take  paternity leave before it was even invented.  Also found a nice record of a payment to a great-uncle for his help in fire watching during World War Two.


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