Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday's Obituary: Flt Lt James Martin

James Martin died on this day in 1948.  He had been born on 30 December 1902 in Dundee, Scotland.  He was the son of Robert and Elizabeth Martin.  James left Scotland to join the Royal Air Force and by 1932 he was married and settled down with a growing family.  He served throughout the Second World War and his wife Ivy and his five children must have been delighted that he survived.  After the war he remained in the RAF.  On 18 September 1948 James took his last flight, at RAF Manston in Kent.  I have written about the tragic events of that day before (it was not just a tragedy for the Martin family and the RAF lost not just one aircraft that day, but three, in unrelated accidents). Here is the link to the Airshow Tragedy at Manston, Kent, 1948.


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