Sunday, 27 March 2011

Great Scot!

If you haven't already pencilled it into your diary, Tuesday 5th April is an important day for those of us who have a Scottish family interest (I actually don't, but I insist on dabbling on my husband's behalf).  Yes, the 1911 Census is being released at 11.00 BST on the scotlandspeople website ( 

Scotlandspeople is a very good site in my opinion.  It is a pay-per-view site, with 30 credits costing £7.00 from 1st April.  These credits will be valid for a year.  To search the indexes costs 1 credit for 25 images, to view a census image costs 5 credits. 

I like the site because you can view and download entries in the BMD registers direct from the site - no need to send off an order and wait impatiently for a paper copy to arrive.  Scottish certificates also provide more information - for instance, not just the day of a death, but the time too.  They also give details of parents on death certificates - mother's maiden name for instance, which you don't get on English/Welsh certs.  The only drawback is that some of the quality can be lost in the scanning - it took me hours and hours to decipher the rather faded and elaborate copperplate on my husband's great grandfather's marriage entry. 

Incidentally, you can see some transcribed information from Scottish census returns on the Ancestry site, but not the original images.  Useful if you have an Ancestry subscription - you can search the indexes for your ancestor (and not use your credits on Scotlandspeople) and then view the correct image at the Scottish site.


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